Thursday, August 9, 2012

So, what's to come...???

      So, it is time for this summer internship at the Bowers Museum to come to an end.  The summer has escaped me completely!  But what is that saying, "time fly's when your having fun?"  But while the History 398 course is closing, I still have one more week in my internship, to wrap up all the loose ends.  So let me detail what my last duties will include.  

      Now that the contact list binder is complete, organized, and a marvel, there are a few remaining steps to take, to get the Public Relations department into a prime, oiled, high-performance machine.  Below, I took an aerial photo of the binder, to show the organization and segmentation.  Not to mention the hundreds of sheets of paper.   

      Next would be to call PatronMail, and ask them to delete the old lists, that I have now edited and updated.  Then we will upload the new lists to the PatronMail system, where we pull our contacts directly from, to email press releases on new exhibits or coming events the museum is hosting. 

      Next, I need to make a conglomerate Excel sheet, while I wait for PatronMail to scrap the old lists.  One for all of the "Media" contact lists and one for all the "University Related Information" contact lists.  The steps of this project all seem to be simple, which they are, but it is the time that each steps takes, and the maticulous focus it demands.  But it will all be over by Wednesday, August 15th! 

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